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Butternut Fritter (Gulgula) recipe

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Aunty Neela joins us once again and shows us how to make butternut gulgula, also known as a fritter. Absolutely delicious and perfect with a cup of tea or coffee. Enjoy.


1 Butternut250g Self-raising flour
1 tablespoon, baking powder5 tablespoons, sugar
1 teaspoon, vanilla essenceColdwater as needed


  1. Steam the butternut until it’s soft enough to mash. Then mash it.
  2. Add the self-raising flour, baking powder, and sugar to a mixing bowl. Stir the contents.
  3. Add the mashed butternut to the mixture and add cold water as needed while mixing everything together.
  4. Add the vanilla essence.
  5. Mix it all together and add water as required. You need the batter to not be too dry or runny. It should hold it’s shape loosely, please check the video to see the consistency.
  6. Heat up enough oil in a pot for the fritter to float in it.
  7. Once the oil is hot, scoop the mixture with your hand and drop it gently into the hot oil. Try wetting your hands if it’s sticking to your fingers.
  8. Remove each fritter once done and place it onto a paper towel to absorb the excess oil.

Watch the video…

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