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Lime / Lemon Pickle

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A very special episode… Ishara Pillay joins Reena and shows us how to make lime pickle. Ishara is a cancer survivor and an inspiration. Enjoy.


Limes or LemonsVinegar
Pickle Masala Coarse Salt
Crushed Chili Fine Salt


  1. Wash the limes and cut to your desired size.
  2. Heat the vinegar in a pot.
  3. Once the vinegar heats up, add the lime. Use enough vinegar to cover the limes.
  4. Add coarse salt. (A good amount) This process will cook the limes while the vinegar preserves them.
  5. Allow the limes to cook for a while and turn it frequently to avoid over cooking. If it is overcooked it will be very soft and break.
  6. Once cooked, transfer the limes from the pot to a mixing bowl.
  7. The limes are now ready for the spices to be added. Add the pickle masala and crushed chili according to your preference.
  8. Stir in the spices for it to be evenly distributed.
  9. Add fine salt and sugar as required. The sugar is added to remove the bitterness from the lime.
  10. Taste the mixture and add the spices according to your preference.
  11. Once ready, put the pickle in a jar. The pickle will be ready in a week as the spices need to be absorbed into the lime.

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